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Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Spring - Buff Makeup

Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Spring

The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring Hair

With spring in full swing many people tend to spend a little less time on their tresses.
Paul Hession re-creates three looks designed for quick on-the-go stylish women.

The Headscarf

headscarfStart with your scarf wrapped around the back of your neck with the two loose ends at the top of your head above your forehead.

Cross these two ends over each other and twist so that they are tight.

Pull the ends tightly to the nape of your neck and secure them to the back of the scarf/ your hair with bobby pins.

The High Ruffled Ponytail

HIgh ruffled ponytail

Brush your hair thoroughly.

Tease the hair on your crown slightly by lifting a small section of your hair about midway to the crown and backcombing gently to add volume.

Gather your hair into a high pony tail being careful not to flatten your crown and secure with a bobbin.

Gently loosen strands around your crown for a more relaxed look.

Run a curling tongs through the ponytail to add further volume and waves.

Finish with a spritz of texturizing hairspray.

The Braided Side Pony

Side braided pony

Gather your brushed hair on the side of your neck you would like your ponytail.

Take a small section of hair  (about half an inch to an inch depending on the thickness of your hair)from the nape of your neck, along your hairline.

Split this small section into 3 even strands, form a braid and secure with a small clear elastic.

Pull the rest of your hair around the front of your shoulder and wrap the braid around it to form a ponytail.

Pin the end of the braid under your ponytail to secure – use several bobby pins for extra hold.