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Oscars Red Carpet Hair Predictions for 2016 - Buff Makeup

Oscars Red Carpet Hair Predictions for 2016

The looks we predict for this seasons 88th Academy Awards

Red carpet award ceremonies often showcase gowns which reflect the trends of the season, but almost all of the hairstyles seen on the red carpet are time-honored classics. Whether it’s modern day celebrity rocking old Hollywood bombshell waves or popstars slicking back their tresses for a sleek look, hairstyles like these are an absolute red carpet staple. From braided updos and flowy waves, the Oscars inspire the most romantic hair looks for any glamorous evening you have planned. Here at Hessions, we predict the looks we will see on this seasons Oscars Red Carpet.

Retro Wavy Hair

1. Retro Wavy Hair

Victory rolls, twenties marcel waves and classic set curls have been seen everywhere from the Gucci catwalk show to the Golden Globes – but nostalgic hair-dos never go out of style. Watch out for this on the Oscars Red Carpet 2016.

Braided Hair

2. Braided Hair

Braided hair is definitely having a moment. Braiding made a comeback at the Celine 2016 catwalk in the form of a sleek ponytail. The look is quite tomboyish, but polished and modern. We think braids will be a prominent look on this year’s catwalk.

The Victoria’s Secret Wave



The unwritten formula for Victoria’s Secret hair is that it must be glossy, bouncy, full, soft, and long. The overall look is sexy yet not impossible to create. The hair at Victoria’s Secret looks real. This is set be a big look on this years Red Carpet catwalk.