About Buff Make-Up

BUFF Make-Up was established in 2012 in response to the demand for a fresh yet luxurious make-up range. A make-up range to make women feel good and look good, a collection of indulgent products, both beautiful to look at and superior to use for home users and professional make-up artists alike.
As demand grew, the brand has evolved and matured and now offers opulent make-up suites both in Drumcondra and Clontarf in Dublin. The BUFF Make-Up Suite offers extensive make-up services while Drumcondra also plays residence to the BUFF Make-Up Academy.
BUFF Make-Up is the result of a collaboration between Irish beauty supremo’s Paul Hession and Paula Callan. The BUFF brand is continuing to grow and pick up highly coveted awards in the beauty industry while introducing additional products each season, the range is ever expanding. The BUFF PRO Make-Up Team also continues to grow as the demands for weddings on location and off site continue to be extremely popular alongside specific media requests for shoot covers and celebrity application.
BUFF Make-Up is available  through the BUFF Make-Up Suites and website and is now available through independent stockists nationwide.