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Intense Lash Mascara - Buff Makeup

Intense Lash Mascara


Intense lash provides increased volume up to 60% and curling up to 50% in one quick, clump free, water resistant application. This mascara is formulated with mineral fine powder to make lashes fuller and more plentiful. Intense lash is formulated with Vitamin A, C and E to keep lashes supple and formulated to work overtime with natural polymers to stretch and hold lashes in shape for over 12 hours!

This extreme black mascara will transform your lashes in one stroke. Intense lash mascara will increase the volume of your lashes by up to 60% separating each lash to give an instant fake lash effect. Lashes are coated from root to tip with its mineral fine powder leaving them fuller and curling them by up to 50% . The water resistant formula ensures that your eyes stay smudge proof for over 12 hours.
Intense Lash Mascara is formulated with vitamin A,C and E keeping lashes soft and supple,