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Eye Shadow Palette - Buff Makeup

Eye Shadow Palette


Customise your own color wheel with our new twelve shade palette. The must have item for every eyeshadow “Buff”. Our eye shadows use only the finest micro powders available. This allows the creation of shadows that can be easily blended and are also long wearing! A superior quality matte eye shadow available in an extensive colour range.

Our extensive rangeĀ 22 eye shadows shades vary from vivid pops of colour to the perfect selection of muted neutrals. The highly pigmented eye shadows range from velvety mattes to seductive shimmers in a superior quality that is easy to blend.
As with all eye shadows it is recommended to apply Buff eye shadow over an eye shadow primer for optimum results.
You can also customise your very own Buff eye shadow palette , just choose your personal selection of shades and create your very own Buff palette.

You must select 4 refills to get the special offer *(While stocks last)